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If you own a cafe, restaurant, or hotel this app is just for you. Cache Digital Menu & Room Service is a digital and easily editable menu of your business that is accessible to your customers from their tables or rooms.

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What is cache digital menu

Cache digital menu is a new technology for hotels and restaurants that addresses the traditional way of menu system. the digital menu system only needs to be scanned in simply on your mobile phone camera and you can browse all your favorite recipes just from your mobile phone.
Our system also change the old way of manually updating the price of recipes whenever the price of the recipe is changed

What you can get from this service

Admin App

You will have access to our admin application after we in-code your menu in to our system.

Edit your menu anytime

Using the admin app your can edit, add, remove and temporary remove the items from the menu.

user friendly interfaces

The User interface of our digital menu is  made in such a user friendly manner so that your customers will enjoy the experience.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our digital menu service doesn’t need any deep knowledge of technology for customers.

multiple language support

Cache delivery system supports different languages other than English including Amharic, Afaan oroomo, Somali, French, Chinese and Arabic.

save time & money

Save big time on menu printing costs, whenever there is a price change or when it gets old

Get our digital menu and save your time and money!

you can contact us now and we will start working on your menu right away.

digital menu

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